Absolute Inc. Home Inspections – Photo Gallery

Large amount of icicles, a tell tale sign of problems in the attic space! No vapour barrier, low amounts of insulation and no ventilation what so ever where the cause of these icicles also leading to water infiltration and extensive damage to the roof structure.

Uninsulated bathroom exhaust fan duct venting into attic space. The high humidity levels and condensation where creating mold and rot to the underside of the roof sheathing. A sign of unprofessional workmanship!

Silver paint in the attic space! A type of paint used by remediation companies to contain strong odours from a previous fire, the owners claimed they had no knowledge of any fire!

An array of support posts, both steel and concrete block which are incorrectly installed on there side. All three of these posts are without proper footings and large amounts of soil have been moved putting the structure further at risk. This is unprofessional workmanship at its most dangerous.

A severely rotten wooden support post for the main electrical entrance of a house in the West Island, this issue needs to be addressed immediately before someone gets seriously hurt.

The use of an empty paint can as an IC box (Insulated Ceiling box) around a pot light. It is fire code to install an IC rated box with all attic installed pot lights, this was more then likely done by a home owner trying to save money or a handyman that doesn’t know any better. There where also numerous electrical connections in this attic space without junction boxes (a fire hazard).



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