Finding the Right Home Inspector in Montreal

You need to do your research when finding the right home inspector . A large and important part of your research is hearing from past clients. Find out what people had to say about their Absolute Inc Home Inspection. Below are some testimonials from very satisfied customers. If you would like to add yours, leave a comment below and we will gladly post it shortly.

Testimonials Below by Satisfied Customers

  1. Walter McCullock says:

    I would not hesitate to recommend Absolute Home inspections to any home buyer. I recently had an inspection done at my home by Paul Schmieder. He was on time, polite, courteous and very knowledgeable. He knew exactly what to look for and advised me correctly. I needed an inspection report for a court case. His report was precise and very professional. I won my case.

    Walter McCullock
    Lachine Quebec

  2. Kevin Glaser says:

    Excellent service! Very thorough inspection and honest. Absolute Inc. services are there for you! I will continue to use Absolute Inc. and will refer them to every home hunter that I know. I’m 100% satisfied.

    Kevin Glaser – Hudson, QC

  3. Randy Ng says:

    Excellent service! Paul provided us with a very thorough inspection from the beginning right to the end. Well explained and informed about problems with the property and possible future problems, letting us think about our budget. I would recommend Absolute inc. to all property investors. They will give you a detailed inspection on whether your investment is a good investment! Thanks again Paul!

    Randy Ng – St. Laurent, QC

  4. Yasmin Salih says:

    Absolute Inc. provided me with an extensive and thorough home inspection that not only helped me make my decision to purchase my home, but informed me as to what renovation projects were essential once I bought it.

    Yasmin Salih – Beaconsfield, QC

  5. Benjamin Renaud says:

    Great service, very thorough. Paul really takes the time to look at every little detail and really takes you through the whole process with him, that way you have a better picture of the property you are planning to buy. I have used his services twice and will continue to do so in the future.

    Benjamin Renaud – Magog, QC

  6. John Protheroe says:

    As a first time home buyer, we were wary in purchasing our first home. We chose the services of Absolute Home Inspection on referral. The thoroughness of Mr. Paul Schmieder’s inspection and subsequent report, was far beyond what we expected, and put all our worries to rest about the purchase of our first house.

    You would have thought Absolute Inc. was purchasing the home, with the attention to detail that he took in the inspection process, he even found errors in the original building of the home and took the debate to the construction company. His attention to detail had found some construction flaws which were originally over looked by the city inspectors, his thoroughness actually benefited other members of the town house building ,as he succeeded in the construction company paying to bring the entire building up to code, not just our unit.

    I would not hesitate to refer Absolute Home inspections to anyone purchasing a new home, there are many inspectors out there, but none seem to have the same attention to detail and excellent customer service (both during and after the inspection ) as Absolute Inc.

    John Protheroe & The Protheroe family – St. Lazare, QC

  7. Jason Coorsh says:

    Paul performed an extremely thorough inspection of our new home. He took his time and made sure he answered all our questions and concerns. He was extremely knowledgeable and professional. Not only was he courteous to us but he was very courteous to the homeowners as well.

    He also put together a fantastic report, complete with detailed photos that document everything that we had discussed and observed on site. He gave me a clear understanding of what to look out for, what to fix and what was right. It gave us more than enough to go and make a decision to purchase the home.

    I will highly recommend him to all my friends and family purchasing a new home.

    Jason Coorsh – Dollard des Ormeaux, QC

  8. Francine Trempe says:

    Je suis propriétaire d’un condo au dernier étage d’un triplex. Récemment j’ai remarqué que la brique s’éloignait du bâtiment dans le haut de la façade avant. Mes copropriétaires et moi avons fait appel aux services de Paul pour nous conseiller dans la marche à suivre pour corriger la situation. Son inspection révéla que l’origine du problème était les solins qui recouvrent le parapet entourant le toit. Vieux et rouillés ils laissaient pénétrer une petite quantité d’eau qui, par temps froid, gelait sur la face arrière des briques et ainsi causait le gonflement de la façade. Il nous a également conseillé sur plusieurs autres problèmes. Paul est un bon vulgarisateur et son expertise technique est impressionnante, je le recommande fortement.

    Francine Trempe – Outremont, QC

  9. Justyna Turek says:

    I just had a home Inspection done by Paul Schmieder. He was very knowledgeable and professional. He was extremely thorough, noting small things like water pressure and big things like asbestos.
    We went threw the the entire house and every aspect was show and explained to me with patience and in terms that I understood.
    He also took the time to explain to me in detail how and approximately how much it would coast to repair things at the time and in the future.
    I am very pleased with Absolute Inspection and would definitely recommend them to everyone!

    Justyna Turek – Pierrefonds, QC

  10. Marie-France David says:

    Nous avons fait appel aux services de Paul Schmieder avant d’acheter notre copropriété. Son travail est remarquablement professionnel. Il se soucie des détails dans ses observations et il prend le temps de s’assurer que nous avons une bonne compréhension de son analyse. Son rapport est clair et appuyé de nombreuses photos. Nous recommanderons ses services sans hésitation à qui cherche un professionnel pour une inspection.

    Marie-France David – Cote Des Neiges, QC

  11. Jessica Wylie says:

    Paul inspected a condo I put an offer on recently. This was the third home inspection I’ve taken part in and it was the most thorough and detailed. He did an excellent job, explained everything clearly and ensured that I was following along. The condo deal fell through unfortunately but I will be hiring Absolute Inc again for my next one without any hesitation and have/will continue to recommend Paul in the future.

    Jessica Wylie – Verdun, QC

  12. Thabani Ncube says:

    I just had a home inspection done by Paul from Absolute Home inspections and it was quite an amazing experience as there were so many things that never crossed my mind and were brought to light. Paul took his time going through the house and later walked me around explaining each and every detail of his findings, all my questions were answered to my satisfaction and this is company I will recommend to friends and relatives.Thanks to Paul for all the follow up after the inspection.

    Thabani Ncube – Vaudreuil, QC

  13. Martyn Liness says:

    Absolute Inc. Home Inspections is the best home inspection company I have ever worked with. Their inspections are extremely thorough and accurate, and their reports with photos are very convenient for all parties involved. Paul is a very knowledgeable inspector in comparison to other inspectors I have used in the past.

    Paul is extremely honest and genuinely cares about the homes he inspects and has the ability to describe the concerns he finds in a simple and easy to understand manner, yet has a calming ability to put the problems in perspective in the big picture of the overall condition of the home. He always accentuates the positive features of the home to help the customer understand the true value in every home.

    Absolute Inc. Home Inspections is my first choice to refer my friends and family to and he always meets their needs and expectations.

    Martyn Liness
    Montreal, Quebec

  14. Jennifer says:

    Fantastic service ! Paul was very professional and accurate. Explaining everything in detail. I would strongly recommend to anyone looking for an honest, thorough inspection.

  15. Tom Cullen says:

    Paul did the inspection of the condo I now own. I assumed it would be a relatively quick, visual inspection of just my unit, but his inspection ended up being way more thorough and diligent than I could have imagined.

    His report included observations from all over the condo complex (seeing as any repairs would affect the condo fees) including the roof, underground garage, common areas and systems etc. In my opinion he went above and beyond what was necessary and I subsequently recommended him to who ever told me they were in the process of buying somewhere.

    He seems able to draw on his years of experience in the construction industry, either as a framer or inspector and is able to communicate clearly the short and long term implications of each item in the report. On top of that he genuinely cares about the potential investment you are about to make.

    Tom Cullen,

  16. Scott says:

    Thorough. The best word to describe Paul at Absolute. Paul has helped me with three home inspections, and with all three, has been extremely professional. One inspection in particular, saved me from buying a home which was very nice aesthetically, but had hidden structural issues and unprofessional workmanship.

    Paul takes the time to explain each part of the inspection in detail and takes countless photos of every part of the home, in order to document problem areas and include them for reference in the inspection report. The report is well laid-out, detailing each area of the home, and the urgency of the repairs needed.

    The after-inspection discussion with Paul is very informative and I have learned a lot about what to look out for when purchasing a home.

    Scott – Lachine, QC

  17. Lauren Enright says:

    Paul was recommended to my husband and I by a friend. I always trust word of mouth opinions, and Paul’s service did not disappoint. He is punctual, very knowledgeable, friendly, and affordable! He was extremely thorough in his home inspection and took the time to educate us and answer all our questions so we could be more informed home buyers. From one visit with Paul we could tell that he is genuinely passionate about his work and really has his customers’ best interest in mind. We felt very confident in purchasing our home after Paul’s inspection. We highly recommend his services!

    Lauren and Rob – Montreal, QC

  18. Beverley Ann Lee says:

    It’s not everyday you come across people with such integrity. Paul is the Sherlock Holmes of home inspection, or in my case, CONDO inspection. At first I didn’t think I needed an inspection because it is a relatively new building. Boy, was I wrong! Paul found things that could easily have led to costly repairs and dangerous mold outcomes in the future. He is incredibly knowledgeable, intelligent and understanding. He knows exactly where to look for potential problems and is not afraid to poke around into all the little nooks and crannies where problems could be lurking. He explained things clearly and in a way that I can understand…even small things I can do myself in the future to avoid costly repairs and protect my investment. I now feel well informed and very confident about about making this purchasing decision. THANK YOU PAUL !!

    Beverley Ann Lee – Hampstead, QC

  19. Steve Winkelman says:

    Paul provided a thorough inspection of the building. He carefully explained everything to us and, very importantly, helped us prioritize what needed to be addressed in the short-term, and what should be taken care of over time. He was able to give us a good sense of the potential costs to mitigate problems and what kind of specialized follow-up inspection would be appropriate. He is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and an excellent communicator. Highly recommended!

    Steve W. – Hampstead QC

  20. Dalton Hyndman says:

    Paul is incredibly detail oriented and pointed out many items during the home inspection that I would never have thought of or noticed. He paid careful attention to explain clearly not only what the current shape of the property was like, but also what I could do to maintain the home well into the future. On top of that the home inspection report he provided was extremely professional and clear. He also provided ahead of time some good reading material specifying what is and isn’t covered by the home inspection that really helped me know what to expect as a first time home buyer, he included all of the reading material in a nice sturdy binder with quality professional graphics and presentation which I thought was a great touch.

    Dalton Hyndman – St. Lazare QC

  21. Kent says:

    I would recommend other for Paul’s insoection service. I am a returning customer. Very professional and I can see his passion with his job. He really takes the time to explain the best he could and honestly, I have lots of questions. He would give recommendation on almost anything related to house. He even proposed me to send email with picture to him in the future for quick question related to my house.
    The inspection was done during the covid 19 period. He changed into a full protective gear before coming in. I even saw disinfected his indoor shoes right after walking out of the house. He does all that to protect himself and also his clients.
    His report is also very detailed with plenty of picture and recommendation.

  22. Vincenzo says:

    Paul is a very honest and professional person. He explained the results verbally, looked at solution with us, did phone call follow up, referred us to other good professionals. Very reasonable charges for the amazing service. Thank you!

  23. Giuliano Ciccocioppo says:

    Nearly 4 years after buying our house, our ceiling started leaking. Having no other recourse, I contacted Paul. Within a day, he called me back and spent close to an hour explaining to me the potential causes and related intricacies. He asked for more photos and details so he could further guide me towards a conclusion. After sending the documents in question, he spent another hour on the phone with me, narrowing down the source of the issue. Paul’s original inspection was thorough and impressive but his willingness to help an old client 4 years down the road is truly rare and extraordinary. Exemplary customer service!

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